The BizLaw VIP Club

Wish you had your contracts DONE and a lawyer on call?

The VIP Club is PERFECT for you if...

  • You're budget isn't quite ready for you to hire an expensive lawyer to custom draft all of your contracts OR you dread the thought of searching for a local lawyer and paying them in 6-minute increments to ask a simple question
  • You're not afraid of a little DIY, but you'd really love some hand-holding and help from a lawyer who truly understands the online business world
  • You KNOW there are legal issues you should be taking care of, but it's overwhelming and that keeps you stuck
  • You want to do things right and you're afraid of messing it up and putting your business and assets at risk
  • You've secretly wished you had a "lawyer friend" who could just answer a quick question now and then without it costing an arm and a leg
  • You like the idea of using a template, but it makes you a little it the right one? Who drafted it? What if I have questions? What if I screw it up?

For helpful reference, the Core Contracts most online biz owners need are $497 if you buy them in the Collection or $638 if you buy them one-by-one.

You can get the Core Contracts plus over 15 more templates and videos PLUS membership in the private VIP group for virtually unlimited access to me for all your questions for only $997 or $97 a month. #priceless


Karen Taggart

20+ Legal Templates

The Core Contracts every online entrepreneur must have PLUS the additional agreements you'll need as your business grows. 

Each with a step-by-step training video walking you through exactly how to customize it for YOUR business.

Protect your business, family, AND your clients, customers, contractors and more. Contracts help build & maintain solid relationships and avoid misunderstandings.

Access them at your own pace as your business grows. 

*LIFETIME ACCESS to the Templates and Training Videos in the private Members Only site.

*You never need to renew for access to the Template's only the Ongoing Support in the Facebook group that is one year at a time with the opportunity to renew)

Value: over $3500

Karen Taggart

The VIP Club

As a VIP you'll be invited to join the private BizLaw VIP Club Facebook group. 

In this group you'll connect, learn, and get your questions answered. I'll also update you here and post new info and live streams that will only be shared within the group.

Typically meeting with a lawyer averages $375/hour in the US. And for someone like me with 20+ years of experience? It can be over $800/hour. 

*ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP with the opportunity to renew the Ongoing Support for a no-brainer price.

*Ongoing Support = Membership in the private VIP Club Facebook group

Having a biz lawyer "on your team" who KNOWS the online world is, well...priceless. :)

Save money and pay only $997 today or pay 12 monthly payments of $97 each


Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Disclosure

Charitable Giving Agreement

Client Agreement

Collaboration Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Content License Agreement


Guest Author Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Live Event or Retreat Participation Agreement

Model Releases: Adults & Minors

Payment Demand Letter

Photo/Audio/Video Release

Photography Client Agreement

Privacy Policy

Refund/Return Policy Examples

Speaker Agreement

Terms of Sale

Testimonial Auth. & Release

Website Terms & Conditions

and More as they're added!

A few words from some amazing people I've been fortunate to work with...

"As the founder of two businesses, a consultant to business owners, and a mother of three I have enough to worry about. Worrying about the legal side of my business is not one of those things! Knowing I have someone to go to proactively and if any legal issues happen to come up is everything. EVERYTHING. Karen gives me complete peace of mind to grow my business."

~Amber McCue; Founder of NiceOps; Creator of Freshly Implemented and CEO School

"Karen understands the online business world. She really gets it. Before I started on my template I felt so nervous! But the video walked me through it in about 30 minutes. It was so easy! Working with Karen I felt 100% taken care of and supported." 

~Nicole Liloia,, Creator of Authentic Affiliate Academy

"I couldn't have moved forward in my business without using Karen's Client Agreement, Model Release and Senior Rep Agreement. Knowing that these are done correctly is a weight off my shoulders. Karen is FABULOUS and super helpful! Don't try to make up your own stuff, because in the end it will come back to bite you in the you know where."

~Galicia Virgen; Photography by Galicia, Creator of The Twelfth Year

"I’m impressed with the documents, ease of use, instructions, and video. Well done! Karen made an otherwise clunky, confusing and time-consuming process easy as cuttin’ through a piece of chiffon pie. Thank you!" 

~Jane Winne,

You don't know what you don't know. That's why you need a lawyer in your backpocket!

>> Learn the must-have legal document Facebook requires before you can run any ads  

>> Find out which policy every website must have to avoid huge government fines  

>> Get the legal disclosure language you need when sharing affiliate links  

>> Know exactly what steps to take if someone copies your content and sells it as their own  

>> Discover how to set up CLEAR EXPECTATIONS with your clients, customers, contractors, and website visitors  


Issues like this would stress most people out.  

Don't stress!!  

I've got your back!  

I want to give you one free week of legal support.  

Peace of mind is yours.  

You focus on growing your business.  

I'll focus on the legalease.  

Breathe easy.

More comments from some of my awesome clients...

"Karen helped me figure out what I didn't know I needed--that's a true expert! The tutorials were perfect--easy to follow, not over explained. And the documents - wow! I can't imagine it being easier with the color coded sections. AND of course, she was there immediately when I had questions!

~Kara Lynch; Co-founder of Poor Me Tea

Parrish Wilson; Writer and Writing Coach

“What a productive morning thanks to you Karen! I finally have my Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on my site. I also created my Client Agreement for the new program I'm launching. Great things to cross off my to-do list!!” ~ Parrish Wilson; Writer and Writing Coach

Cathy James

"I just have to say that investing in Karen's products is one of the best business decisions I have ever made!  

The Retreat template was beautifully done and so easy to navigate through. Also, I've used almost all of her other templates, and I'm so grateful to have them in my back pocket! Thank you, thank you!"  

~Cathy James; Cat's Cove Communications


Below are the answers to some of the most common questions I get asked about my templates and becoming a VIP:

*You can also click the turquoise "Have a question" chat box at the bottom right of this page and get an answer from me asap!


The online world is getting smaller and smaller in some ways. By that I mean that things are becoming more similar across states and countries. But, you have to use your best judgment when it comes to legally protecting your business. I always suggest having any document you decide to use looked over by a local attorney to make sure it's perfect for you. 

While I’d love to help out everyone in every country, I'm definitely focused on US-based businesses.


Simple! You will have lifetime access to the entire Template Shoppe, current and new templates, along with their training videos for as long as they exist on the interwebs. (So...a long, long time).

It's only the Ongoing Support portion (a.k.a. acess to me for your biz legal questions) that goes for one year at a time.

But once I'm on your team and we build a relationship, I truly want to keep working together! So I've made the optional annual renewal a no-brainer price. 

If you decide not to renew your support membership, you'll still have access to the templates and videos! But I'll be sad.


You're not alone! I hear that a LOT, so you're in good company.

I'm here to help remove the confusion. If you have a quick question, just pop it in the live chat box below (available LIVE 8am - 6pm CST, Monday - Saturday).  

If it's outside the live chat time, just enter your question with your email address and I'll get back to you asap!  

Hint: Look waaay at the bottom right corner of this page to find the bright blue "Chat with me!" box to enter your question. 


While I'll be available for questions in the private group, I’m unable to review your completed document and comment or edit. That would take a LOT of time and in that case, it would make more sense to just have your custom contract drafted by a lawyer from the get-go.


But if you're a little nervous about investing in yourself and your business, no worries. I truly want you to be thrilled to be a VIP and that's why (even though it's a little crazy offering this with SO MANY digital downloads involved) I'm offering a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!

If you're not feelin' the love and truly do not see the value of being a VIP, then simply send me an email and let me know why you feel that way. (I want to learn from your experience and make this program even better!) 

All I ask is for the chance to amaze and delight you in the hope that you'll beg to stay!

Karen Taggart

KAREN TAGGART is a licensed attorney who works as a Legal and Business Consultant for online entrepreneurs. She helps business owners like you feel confident and protected by teaching the basics of business law, laying out a clear legal strategy, and providing the legal contracts you need to go pro. 

She's been licensed in Minnesota for 20 years and has been an online entrepreneur for about 10 years. Entrepreneurship is her passion! 

Invest in yourself. Your business & future will thank you.