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Customizable Contracts for Your Online Business

Each with a step-by-step training video that walks you through how to make it perfect for YOUR business. Drafted by a licensed attorney who is also an online entrepreneur...just like you.


These 4 contracts are the perfect place for online business owners to start...


Required by law to be posted on every website. It states how you protect the info you collect from your site visitors, protect children, and more.


Applies to the visitors to your site. Covers topics such as copyright, what is and is not allowed on your site, disclaimers, and much more.

$244 | $197

If you only need the website notices and not the entire Core Contracts Collection, get BOTH templates and save $47! 


Similar to the Client Agreement, the Terms of Sale applies for when you're working with a group of clients as in a course or program and also works for digital downloads.


The #1 contract every online business owner needs. Set up CLEAR expectations and avoid issues down the road. Perfect for 1-1 clients.

$638 | $497

Get ALL of your CORE CONTRACTS and save $141! Collection includes: Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, Website Terms & Conditions and Client Agreement 



The Participation Agreement is the #1 contract you'll need when hosting a live event or retreat.


The Speaker Agreement can be used for speakers YOU hire or when you're hired as a speaker for someone else's event.


Whenever you record someone you should always get permission before using the recordings for any public use.



As a former photographer myself, I understand the legal needs of photography businesses. This Client Agreement is custom drafted for photographers to use with their clients.


Get BOTH the minor and adult Model Releases for one price.

$441 | $297

Get the Photography Client Agreement, Model Release for Minor, Model Release for Adult, Privacy Policy AND Terms & Conditions and SAVE.



Affiliate Agreement to use with YOUR affiliate partners. Make sure they follow the rules or you could be held liable.


Independent Contractor Agreement: Use with anyone you hire for projects who is NOT an employee. Hint: They own their own business.


Content License Agreement: Use this contract when you provide content for someone else's program or course, or when someone provides content for your course or program.


Collaboration Agreement: When you want to work on a project with someone, but you're not becoming full business partners.


Confidentiality Agreement: Also called a Non-disclosure Agreement. To maintain confidentiality between all parties involved.


Guest Author Agreement: Use with guest writers for your blog. Set up clear expectations as to payment, ownership of content, and more.


Charitable Giving Agreement: Perfect for use with the charity you love donating to through your business. It's very important to make sure everything is crystal clear.


Payment Demand Letter: Use this formal letter after you've tried the "polite yet firm" requests. It often does the trick and helps avoid collections or small claims court. (Multi-use license)



The must use disclosure for anyone promoting others' products or services. 


Testimonial Authorization & Release: Use the longer format option or a shorter version in your email when requesting client feedback.

Karen Taggart


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I'm so glad you asked! :) If you know which contract(s) you need simply scroll below and find that section. You'll see both individual templates as well as topic area collections (to save you some moolah).

If you're feeling confused or a bit lost, no worries. Scroll back up to the flowchart above to get some help on which templates to start with. If you'd like more guidance, check out my BizLaw Basics mini course!

Once you've made your decision, click "Buy Template" or "Buy the Collection" and you'll be taken to the checkout page. Fill out your info, choose PayPay or credit card and complete your purchase.

You'll automatically be taken to the Template Delivery page where you'll see the document on the left side and the video on the right. *Note: Some of the templates are pre-orders, so you'll get the link to access those one week from purchase.

Download your template and open it up to get started. Watch the {short} training video, make the changes and edits to create your contract, and voila! 

Upload it to your site, send it to your clients, or add it to your digital document signature service. You're now well on your way to building a solid legal foundation for your business!


Hi I'm Karen! I'm a licensed attorney, but my passion is my work as a Legal & Business Consultant for online entrepreneurs. I help business owners like you feel confident and protected by teaching the basics of business law, laying out a clear legal strategy, and providing the legal contracts you need to go pro. I've been featured by Erin Smith on The Starters Club podcast, am a guest mentor in Amber McCue’s Freshly Implemented program for the second year, and was featured as a guest expert by Kathryn Hocking, Nikki Elledge Brown, Megan Flatt, Amy Wright, Debbie Hodge and many others. I've been licensed in Minnesota for 20 years! {gulp} and have been an online entrepreneur for about 10 years. Entrepreneurship is my passion!