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Taking a New Path…Legal Help for Entrepreneurs

October 1, 2014 by Karen Taggart - No Comments

I had the best intentions…

I would follow all the “rules” and write a new post every week on the same day each week.

I would send an email to my awesome subscribers every week to tell them about my newest post and to share a personal tidbit or two.

I would post interesting, funny, “I just have to share this!” updates to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. (Who has time for Linked In?).

But alas…life happened.


Also, who says I have to post or send an email every week?

As a mom I have to use my time wisely. So for now you will hear from me every other week. Cool? Thought so!

I want to spend my time taking care of the clients I have, developing cool new products and services, and most of all be with my daughter and hubby as much as possible.

Things are-a-changin’, so here’s what I’m up to and what you can expect from me.

Big, exciting plans ahead my friends!


After avoiding all things legal for a few years, on a whim I made an offer to write website legal notices in a Facebook business group I’m in. And all has changed since then!

I’ve finally found the combo of what I’m good at, that comes easily to me, and that people need, want and are searching for.  Yes!

So from here on out you will see more of a legal focus. I love all things business and anyone starting or running a business needs to protect themselves, right?  But many of us get scared, overwhelmed, and dread the thought of finding an attorney.  Who has the time and wants to spend an arm and a leg?!  Yuck.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Working with an attorney doesn’t have to be boring, stressful, and break the bank.


I’m proud to announce that I’m here to help you learn the basics of

business law in an easy-to-understand, casual, stress-free way.


I’m slowly changing over my website and am also planning to have YouTube Q&A videos, interesting interviews and helpful tips.

I’m currently offering website legal notices (you know…the legal mumbo jumbo found at the bottom of most websites).  My clients are LOVING them and are so relieved to have a good start at building a solid legal foundation for their businesses.  (If this interests you check out my Work with Me page by clicking HERE).

After getting lots of feedback I’m also planning other services such as Client Agreements, Disclaimers for products and services, Guest Author Agreements, Client Satisfaction Policies, and much more!

My biggest project that I’m most excited about is the course I’m developing that will walk you through everything you really NEED to know to go pro, protect your business, and build that solid foundation we all want.  It will include step-by-step action items that will result in getting many of the necessary steps done as well as a clear plan for the future.  All for significantly less than you would pay if you hired an attorney.

Can I get an amen?!


If you’re not already on my VIP List I’d love for you to join me by just entering your name and email in the box below this post.

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If you have legal questions about your business feel free to send them to me anytime either in the comments below or by email to info@karen-taggart.com.  I’ll address them in these articles, videos, and my upcoming free webinars.

And lastly, I’d love to hear what your dream scenario would be for you to find online when it comes to legal help for your biz.  Lay it on me!

Thanks for sticking with me!

To new beginnings, forks in the road, and grand adventures together!

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