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Get Everything in Writing…Even with Aunt Sally

May 22, 2015 by Karen Taggart - No Comments

Why You WANT To Use Contracts

You just want things to be simple, right?

Do we really need to bother with contracts? It’s just an easy deal between me and my BFF. What could possibly go wrong?


I don’t want to use fear tactics or freak you out all the time, that’s just not my style.

But what IS my style is to help you do as much as you can to AVOID potential problems in the future.

You do not want to end up in court with Aunt Sally. Not. Cool.

This weeks LEGAL BRIEFS video covers the importance of getting everything in writing. And I do mean everything!

Have an important conversation, meeting, or phone call with someone? Jot all the details down asap and date it.

Throwing together an awesome new collaborative deal with that super popular blogger you just met at a conference? Write out the details on a napkin and date it.

No, not ALL of these writings will be considered legal documents in court, but they WILL help the judge, mediator, or arbitrator determine the parties intent at the time. And that’s very important.

Besides…you’d be surprised what has held up in court as a legal document! Cocktail napkins included.

Do you regularly use written agreements in your business?  If not…why?  Please share in the comments below.

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