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Don’t Push Through on the Bad Days

January 10, 2014 by Karen Taggart - 6 Comments

I’m not taking a walk in the clouds today.  I’m quite down in the dumps.

My dad, who was the kindest, happiest, most loving and supportive dad in the world, passed away 6 years ago today (as I write this, it is Tuesday, January 7, 2014).  I miss him deeply.  I am trying to not show just how sad I am so that my 2 year old daughter will have a good day.

But kids are so smart and intuitive.  She knew I was sad and asked me why.  I told her that I miss my daddy very much and she looked at me with those big, brown eyes and said, “you know what Daniel says”, (Daniel Tiger…cute PBS cartoon we love), and then she sang “grooown-ups come baaaaack” in her oh-so-cute little voice.  Sigh.  It made me smile and tear up at the same time.

I just said, “that’s right baby, they do”.

Later in the day I hugged her and thanked her for helping me feel better and she said “I help you when you’re sad”.  She makes my heart burst with love.

We all have good days and bad.  Many bad days we are able to still accomplish the things we need to do that day, we just do it with a little less joy.

But when you have a truly bad day, one that you just can’t pick yourself up from, it is so important to not fight it and to just cut yourself some slack.  We all need “recharge” days and days to nurture our souls and rest our minds.  We also need days, hopefully only once in a great while, where we wallow a little in our sadness.  It is part of moving on and growing stronger each day.

The mountain of laundry can wait, we all have way more dishes than we need so if we skip washing them one day we won’t have to eat off the floor, and our kids need our hugs and kisses as well as undivided attention as much as possible.

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband and sweet daughter who support me through anything.  They are my rock, my structure, my everything.

Do you take care of yourself on those bad days or do you just push through? Do you have any tips to share?

Thank you once again for allowing me to share my life (and usually more business!) with you each week.

Have a peaceful day,

Karen Taggart A Walk in the Clouds