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Don’t Confuse Your Why With Your What

December 27, 2013 by Karen Taggart - 12 Comments

Figure out your Why and make sure your message is clear and all your business Whats and Hows will be like gold for your perfect Who!

Yeeeaaaah…OK.  Got it.

There is so much advice and info out there today on finding your life’s purpose or your passion. Some of it is very interesting and helpful, but if you’re like me and you have many, many interests it can actually become quite stressful.

What’s wrong with me?! Why can’t I figure this out?! GAH!

But when thinking about your “why” or the reason you are doing something don’t get it confused with the “what” or the product, service, project you are offering the world.

For example, here is my Why (reasons I want to be an online entrepreneur):

Make my own schedule
Unlimited income potential
Work on something that interests and energizes me
Do something I’m proud of
Be heard (especially after growing up super shy)
Spend as much time as possible with my husband and daughter
Opportunities to travel
Opportunities to write for others
Maybe write a book someday?
Make lots of money
Help others in some way (through my writing, offerings, and charitable work)
Bottom line…FREEDOM!

Now my What (or Whats?) are very different:

Law-related topics and offerings
Photography topics and offerings
Relationships, parenting, everyday life
Random topics that interest me, but all having to do with either business or life
Overall message (at this point…it may evolve over time) is to simplify

These are very different things.

So when I have a day where I just don’t feel like working on or even thinking about my upcoming Legal & Loving It product or my Photography for Online Entrepreneurs course, for example, I start to think…

Oh no! This isn’t my passion! What am I doing?! Maybe I should just quit! Blah!!!

I talk myself off the ledge by remembering the difference between my Why and my What.

Rebecca Tracey from The Uncaged Life wrote a couple of very interesting, and helpful, posts a while back called Why Waiting for an A-Ha Moment Will Ruin Your Business and Not Everything is Precious.  They were both awesome for people like me who “get stuck in their heads”.  Becca is a huge proponent of taking action.  Planning the crap out of something means nothing if you never actually DO it!

Do you sometimes confuse your Why and your What?  Please share them here! I’d really love to hear how others distinguish the two.


Karen Taggart A Walk in the Clouds