Business & Legal Strategy & Planning


You would love to start your own dream business.


Or you DID go for it, but are only a few years in.


And you're scared.


Maybe even so much that you've stopped dead in your tracks.


You're scared that if you go for it and start your own business, you may risk everything.


 How do I protect myself?

What if someone sues me?


You KNOW that building a strong legal foundation is very  important.


But you don't even know where to start.


I help you PREVENT potential problems down the road by setting up CLEAR EXPECTATIONS


What I rock at and how I can help you...


I am great at taking complicated and overwhelming tasks, information, and projects and making them simple.


After surviving three years of law school, I have a knack for taking unnecessarily complicated mumbo jumbo and restating it in a way a normal person could actually understand.


I LOVE teaching and sharing info that will help entrepreneurs protect themselves and be able to focus on their business without being afraid.



I believe...


...that we can "have it all".  The trick is to figure out what "it all" means for you and to let go of the rest. the power of the mind-body connection in our physical and mental health and that an imbalance in one area can strongly affect the other. a Whole Life Connection - our business/relationships/parenting/self - are all connected and strength in all areas is necessary for a peaceful, joyful life.


...that integrity, honesty, kindness, and respect are some of the most important characteristics I'd like to pass on to my daughter.


...that being a mom is the hardest thing and greatest thing in the world all rolled up into one joy-filled, stressful experience.


...that having a creative outlet and nurturing ourselves is key to a happy relationship or marriage.


...that having a strong legal foundation for your business will protect your ASSets like nothing else and give you a huge sense of relief.


...that being married to my best friend is the coolest thing ever.  


...that a strong relationship or marriage is key to a happy family life.


...that having an iced white chocolate mocha every day is indulgent, overly expensive, and totally OK.


...that if more women start their own businesses throughout the world everyone benefits.


...that wiener dogs are some of the most incredibly stubborn, frustrating, and (luckily) cute little critters around.




A little about me...


My name is Karen Taggart and I love reading, learning, teaching, deep discussions on interesting topics, laughing & smiling, yoga & meditation (although I'm not doing either much right now), dancing, white chocolate mochas, photography, travelling, and spending time with my hubby and daughter.


I've been very happily married to my high school sweetheart, Reid, since 1998 and we've been together since 1986!  We just had our first child, our daughter Peyton, in 2011 (Yes, it took us 25 years to "be ready"!  We didn't want to rush anything).  


We have a crazy wiener dog named Penny (is there any other kind?!) who is Peyton's BFF.


I am a licensed attorney in Minnesota, but soon after passing the bar realized that working in the traditional legal field wasn't a good fit for me.  Working at law firms doesn't feed my soul, but helping entrepreneurs with their legal issues is inspiring and fun.


For three years I started and ran my own photography business, but it never really took off and I finally figured out why.  While I have always loved photography and have always known I wanted to own my own business, owning a photography business was also not the right fit for me.  It was a very hard decision, but at the end of 2012 I stopped taking clients.  


Slowly over the next year I studied, worked on, and became even more driven by my desire to be an entrepreneur.  I have co-owned a used bookstore and helped start and manage a couple of family businesses as well.  From these various experiences I have learned a great deal about the nuts and bolts of starting your own business.


Helping others become entrepreneurs, set them at ease about their legal concerns, and maybe offer a little inspiration is THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!  


When I'm not working on growing my business you can find me at the park, playing, reading, or taking Peyton to as many activities as I can find.  Mama's gotta get outta the house!


If you have always dreamed of starting your own business, or started a while ago, check out my ebook and workbook called Simply Startup.  It will take care of all the "boring" details of starting your dream biz so you can feel a huge sense of relief and actually go for it!



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