The 4 Stages of Launching (You’re Gonna LOVE This!)

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Since our daughter, Peyton, was born in April 2011 Reid and I had been away from home overnight only one night and that was when Reid was in the hospital for back surgery. I’m just going to say…that doesn’t count.

I had been away overnight twice for our annual girls Christmas shopping weekend at the Mall of America and Reid had been once or twice to visit a friend in southern Minnesota.

So, to say we were excited to fly off to Las Vegas for a long weekend would be a major understatement!








If you go to Vegas you better like gold. LOTS of it. We stayed at the Venetian, because that’s where the event we were there for, the 90 Day Year, was being held. They somehow managed to make it both beautiful and tacky at the same time. Go figure…it’s Vegas.

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Thankfully we DID stay there, because it’s SO HUGE we often got lost and strolled in late to the meetings a few times. If we had stayed at a “nearby” hotel, we would’ve probably missed the whole darn conference.


We were so excited to attend the 90 Day Year Live Event and it was NOT a disappointment. There were awesome speakers (who gladly stayed and answered questions), life changing workshop exercises, and big plans made.

File_0002016 Vegas Event Todd On Stage 2 sml

One of my FAVORITE takeaways from the event came from the amazing Devin Duncan. He spoke about launches and laid out this 4 stage process that I absolutely LOVED. It made me feel such a huge sense of relief, and I think it will for you too.

4 STAGES OF LAUNCHING (thank you Devin!)

Very briefly, here are the 4 Stages of Launching:

  1. STAGE 1
    1. Simple webinar or email only (no 3 part video series just yet!)
    2. Use an opt-in page (no sales page yet either!). The email will recap the offer.
    3. Promote on your blog, social media, in groups (no ad budget needed at this point!)
    4. Repeat every 2 months or so
      1. A flop? That’s OK! Tweak, change, and try again
      2. When people buy, ask why they did
      3. Only move to next stage when conversions are a solid 10%
  2. STAGE 2
    1. Minimal ads to warm traffic (your followers and those on your list)
    2. Add a sales page
    3. Add tiers, like a VIP tier with limited access
  3. STAGE 3
    1. Expand ads to 5 Facebook pages similar to yours
    2. Use ad retargeting to people who visited the sales page
    3. Add in payment plans
      1. He says the key is to always have one option that is below $200
      2. Nice idea: after your refund period passes, offer a discount to those on the payment plan to pay in full for 20% off (or whatever discount feels right to you)
    4. Ad in upsells, downsells, cross sells
  4. STAGE 4
    1. 3 part video series (ala Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula)
    2. Add an affiliate program (it’s a LOT of work!)

Always sweeten the deal during the cart open period. Add in surprise bonuses, take bonuses away, offer “fast action” bonuses, early bird price ending, cart is closing, etc.

Nice, right? We don’t have to go all in the very first time we launch our new idea! Aaaah…sweet relief. 🙂

The whole point of his 4 stage process is to obtain proof of concept before you “go big or go home”.


I absolutely LOVE Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year achievement program and will use it in my business and personal life…forever. It’s a system and process that, once you have it as part of your habits, will mean you actually ACHIEVE your goals and dreams, rather than always feeling busy yet never accomplishing much. Been there, done that.

I bought the 90 Day Year for Reid for Christmas (and I went through the program myself too, of course!). I was SO IMPRESSED by Todd, his system, and the results his students achieve that I jumped on the chance to be a JV partner for the program. (Fancy talk for being an affiliate).


I’d love to invite you to my temporary Facebook group called BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT MASTERCLASS (don’t worry, it’s only for the month of June so don’t fret over yet another FB group!).

Me and a small group of entrepreneurs just like you will be working through the FREE training videos over the next couple of weeks, helping each other out, and holding each other accountable to setting and achieving some amazing goals!

Want in? I’d LOVE to see you there! Click here to request to join and I’ll add you asap:

I’d like to achieve my goals in June!

If you’d like access to Todd’s totally free training series, you can get to them directly here:

Totally FREE goal achievement training from world-class performance coach, Todd Herman

In the comments below, I’d like to hear what you think of the 4 stages of launching AND if you have a launch planned in the next 90 days! And if you do, hop into the Facebook group and we’ll help you map out exactly the steps to take to have an amazingly successful launch.

 To ACHIEVING our dreams!

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